Summer program 2019 – SUMMER JOYS

When learning meets joy…

With the goal of giving students the development of intelligence (IQ), emotion (EQ), social behavior (SQ), adversity overcoming (AQ), passion (PQ), and creativity (CQ), the 2019 summer program will provide students with many opportunities to experience:

– Special English program with international teachers from Wellspring Saigon.

– Innovative and practical projects: from the classroom to the world

– Creative activities specifically designed around themes.

– “Wall-less classroom” with sports, outdoor activities and field trips.

– Personal and Character Development and Wisdom through the Life Skills Education program.

– Joyful activities in Music, Art, and Sports.

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  • Time: June 17th, 2019 – July 26th, 2019


The SUMMER JOYS 2019 is the harmonious combination of 3 learning programs at Wellspring: International Program, Vietnamese Program and Student Potential Development Program. It is believed to bring students a full summer, overflowing with energetic, with creative real-world projects, trips having lots of exciting experiences about the world outside the classroom and applying studied skills to real life.

The 3 programs with different subjects and diverse teaching methods, are combined into specific and effective methods such as Teaching through projects, STEAM High Technology Application, and multi-dimensional thinking… They all share 3 great topics: CULTURE, NATURE, and CREATIVITY.

SUMMER JOYS 2019 aims at creativity, activate curiosity, nurturing love for nature, strengthening students’ health and increasing their ability to integrate.


The six-week program is filled with a variety of topics, help them travel through dynamic knowledge zones such as Plants, Animals, Ocean, Earth, Space, and Preserving Nature.

The opportunity to experience unique lessons with the International teachers, classrooms are specialized in ways that they bring excitement, positive energy and a desire for learning.

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The weekly topics incorporate knowledge from areas such as Plants, Animals, Ocean, Earth, Space, and Preserving Nature. Students experience project-based learning, in cooperation with the ‘wall-less classrooms”, that bring students lots of inspiration and creativity.


The subjects are designed based on three themes include CULTURE, NATURE, CREATIVITY, the program brings lots of beautiful memories, relaxation, and dynamic activities,…. Therewill be a variety of activities to cater to students’ varied interests such as Dance, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Creative, STEM, ….

The Life-skills program helps students build their effective-learning skills, appropriate codes of conduct, and necessary soft skills to help them become more confident as well as more successful in their lives.


Fees and Incentives ( meals not included)

  • Grade 1: 22.600.000VND
  • Grade 2-3: 23.600.000VND
  • Grade 4-5: 24.600.000VND
  • Grade 6-9: 25.600.000VND

*The course week fee, please check Summer Brochure

Incentives ( for the 6-week course )

  • 15/03/2019: 20% off
  • 15/04/2019: 15% off
  • 15/05/2019: 10% off
  • 31/05/2019: 5% off

For further information please contact 0937 099 229 or email admissions@wellspringsaigon.edu.vn

Summer Brochure downloaded here.


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