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1. Characteristics – Life Skills development program:

Wellspring Saigon is organizing and conducting the Characteristics – Life Skills development program for students with the aim to provide students with firm skills/knowledge to deal with the process of social development and globalization. In specific:

– Life-value Program: Building a caring soul, a balance of values in life to establish a solid and long-term personality for students.

– SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Program: Helping students acquire self-awareness, self-management ability, and relationship management skills in order to make wise and responsible decisions.

– 21st-century skills Program: Enabling students to acquire skills, tools for self-defense and immersing themselves in the globalizing world.

– Critical thinking and learning methodological development Program: Helping students maximizing their brains’ ability to think critically and learn in an effective, less time-consuming way.

Learning period: Elementary – 2 classes/week. Secondary: 1 class/week.

2. Talent development program through the club system:

The club system is organized based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory (intelligent categories) and the Brain Functional System. According to Professor, Doctor Howard Garner – Harvard University, each and every student was born with the competency and ability to differently acquire intelligence, 8 types of intelligence are relative to 8 specific human competencies. When participating in club activities, besides practicing to take responsibility, acquiring leadership competency, teamwork skills; students also have an opportunity to be mentored and experience various learning contents to explore themselves and develop their potential.

Clubs are divided in accordance with grade levels and ages to assure the best educational practices. Besides teaching programs, various extra-curricular, club activities, such as art museum visiting, outdoor learning, artists and athletes meeting/talks, are regularly organized.

In 2016-2017 school year, Wellspring will be exclusively selecting and starting new interesting, helpful clubs that are in-charged by our qualified foreign teachers.

3. Scientific research Program:

The scientific research program is established with the purpose of building and encouraging the passion for scientific research among teachers and students. Through this program, as well as other national and international competitions, students will be able to show skills and create a routine of applying theories to real-life situations (applied science) to improve their creative thinking ability and researching competence.


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