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How does the school menu ensure my child’s nutrition intake?

Given the importance of regular healthy diet, the school builds menus not only to ensure appropriate nutrition intake but also to satisfy individual appetite. We also emphasize sanitation because it is a crucial part of student safety. We comply with all the sanitation regulations of Department of Health in terms of receiving, storing and cooking process. Our kitchen has been certified for safety and cleanliness and we guarantee to maintain the kitchen in top condition.

Is there a nap area at school?

Elementary students take their naps in our designated area while secondary and high school students can enjoy other activities under adult’s supervision during break time (11:30-13:00)

How long is the enrollment period?

Parents will receive an admission decision notification in 5 working days after completing the necessary procedure.

How can the grade placement at Wellspring Saigon be taken?

Students admitted to Wellspring Saigon will be placed in the appropriate classes according to MOET’s age guidelines. Students who are weak at English or who need extra help in any other subjects will be tutored until they can catch up with other students.

What if my child has no knowledge of English? Is a placement test required in this case?

Placement test is required for every student looking to enroll in WSSG. However, the test for 1st grade is more of a fun interactive game than of an official academic testing.

We arrange for students who have no foundation of English in classes of ESP (English for Special Purposes) where they will gain basic English vocabulary and knowledge in Maths, Science and IT. Upon completion of this course, which will depend on individual progress, students are guaranteed to be able to participate in the regular school program in English successfully.

For elementary students, the ESP course is designed to help them gain accurate English spelling and pronunciation.

What are the entry requirements for admission to Wellspring Saigon?

Students have to pass English, Math and Vietnamese examinations to be admitted to Wellspring Saigon. Besides, students have to have average study results and behavior conducts

When does enrollment start? Can students transfer in the middle of the school year?

Enrollment starts every March. Students can transfer in the middle of the school year.

What is the school faculty comprised of?

Our dynamic faculty doe not only have appropriate licenses, experience and passion in teaching but also are carefully selected to satisfy the school’s values and vision. Specifically, our foreign teachers are internationally certified for their teaching subjects and for teaching English as a Second Language to students. Vietnamese teachers have received appropriate licenses for their teaching grades and are energetic about teaching. All of our faculty have received continuous extensive training on the latest teaching methods.

What are the school hours?

From Monday to Friday, classes start at 8:00 am and end at 16:30 pm. There are breaks between classes. The longest break is at lunch time, from 11:30 am to 13:00. pm On Saturday, club activities are divided into 2 shifts, from 8:30 to 10:00 am and from 10:10 to 11:40 am.

How can parents participate in students’ learning and after school activities to help them achieve their goals?

We encourage parents to take the initiative in assisting students achieve study success. The school offers many services in order to provide accurate information on student academic programs, club activities and supporting programs. The most effective way is to check your child’s student planner every day and report card every semester to keep yourself updated to your child’s study progress. If questions arise, parents can call, email or text as well as schedule a meeting with our school staff in order to seek out help and advice. Moreover, parents can encourage and participate with your children in extra-curricular activities and school events to have a deeper understanding of their school life.

How can students conserve and develop cultural values at Wellspring Saigon?

Wellspring Saigon aims to provide students with essential knowledge and skills to help them become global citizens. Study activities together with afterschool events (in and outside of the school) will guide students comprehend and absorb Vietnamese traditional values. Besides Vietnamese Geography and History lessons, Wellspring students also have chances to develop their soft skills in order to preserve and expand our cultural values and identity. Charity events, traditional celebrations and especially life skills classes will assist students in understanding regional cultures.

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