Book Loan Policy

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(*) All items can be renewed if they are not overdue or have been placed a reservation by another user. Loan can be renewed online, or in person.

Users do not switch books/items with other users. All books/items must be checked out and checked in in the library.

2. Overdue loans and daily fines

To ensure fair access to our resources for Wellspring Saion, there are fines for the late return of items. You can help make our borrowing service work well for everyone by returning or renewing items by their due date.

2.1 If you do not renew or return the items by their due date

and replacement.

Repair fee:100,000VND

Replacement fee = Cost of the item + Freight (150,000VND) + Administrative fee (50,000VND)

2.3 Book Condition

Upon returning the books, the repair / replacement fee will be charged for any damage as followed:

Minor Damage (Repair fee)

  • There are light damages to the book covers (markings on the inside or outside, or portions ripped off), or to the pages (medium to large creases, tears, stains, writing, or liquid damage).

Major Damage (Replacement fee)

  • The cover is noticeably damaged or missing.
  • Or pages are stained, missing, illegible, or otherwise warped
  • Or there is heavy writing and/ or highlighting throughout the book.
  • Or any other conditions that make the book unusable, including exposure to chemicals, cleaning agents, perfumes or tobacco smoke, etc. that causes a noticeable odour.

Audio-Visual materials (CDs-DVDs)

  • A replacement fee will be applied to all materials noticeably damaged (broken items or serious scratches) or unable to be read by devices.

3. If you disagree with the Library fine

Talk to a staff member at the service desk. We will consider all legitimate concerns about library fines. We will NOT accept the following reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge of library policy
  • Unwillingness to take responsibility for material loaned to a third party
  • Forgetting the due date
  • Not receiving library reminders, either via email or in the mail
  • Email inbox was full
  • Unable to visit the library often or distance from the library
  • Disagreement with library fine policy
  • Not being on campus
  • Semester breaks, summer vacation
  • Changed opening hours

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