Welcome to Wellspring Saigon, an international bilingual school dedicated to bilingual academic excellence and student potential development.

At Wellspring Saigon, we understand that each student is a unique individual who needs a safe, caring, and inspiring environment in which to discover themselves and to grow. Wellspring Saigon have developed our program on the integration of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training standard program and the common core standard program of the state of Massachusetts, the United State.

We hope Wellspring Saigon students will have a firm life skills foundation through our curriculum and club activities, which are based 
on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) model. Upon achieving 15 suggested SEL skills, students will have a better understanding of their 
emotions, and able to manage those feelings. It will also raise students’ sympathy and empathy for others as well as how to maintain 
positive relationships, handle different situations with a constructive and ethical standards. After two years of continuous effort to 
improve the quality of teaching and learning, the school entered the Sixed school year, 2019-2020, with a comprehensive faculty and 
over 1,300 happy, healthy, obedient and self confident students. Many students had won high prizes in the domestic and international 
academic competitions. With the investment of the School Leadership Team, the determination of Teachers - Students, and the 
companionship of Parents, the determined goal of the school will be achieved for this new school year.

We always welcome Parents and Students to visit Wellspring Saigon to learn more about the school’s curriculum.

Honored Teacher – Dr. Nguyen Bac Dung,
Chairman of Academic Board – Wellspring Saigon International Bilingual School



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