Why choose Wellspring Saigon?

Why choose Wellspring Saigon?

  • School Facilities: Campus is 5 minutes away from city center and located on a beautiful child-friendly 1.2 hectares site. International standard classrooms are equipped with visual and audio aids. The school also offers a play yard, indoor swimming pool, library, cafeteria and other functional classroom such as labs, music room, art room, dance studio, life-skills room, ICT suites, etc.
  • Curricula: With the recently updated K-12 program, Wellspring Saigon ensures continuous learning progress for students from their first days of enrollment to their final days of study with us. We are also the first bilingual international school in Ho Chi Minh City to provide both the Vietnamese National Curriculum and the Massachusetts (USA) Curriculum Framework with standardized benchmark tests to measure student progress such as Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test, Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), etc. This international learning pathway allows high school students to obtain Syracuse Unviersity’s (New York) Advanced Placement Program (AP) credits, thus, maximizing their chances for admission to top universities worldwide. Community services, field trips and after-school club activities based on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) model are also incorporated to enhance students’ soft skills.
  • School Faculty: Our dynamic faculty is comprised of internationally certified foreign teachers with years of experience  and young, energetic Vietnamese teachers with university or higher degrees who have received extensive training in the latest teaching methodologies.  Our faculty is committed to supervising our students not only in the classroom but also during extra-curricular activities to ensure students’ enjoyment and safety.
  • Teaching Methodologies: Currently, our teachers have successfully implemented PISA (for reading and math),  Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, Lilian Katz’s Project Approach and Tony Buzan’s Mind map. Along with many other methods such as guided self-study, presentation skills, applied IT, etc., we believe Wellspring Saigon students will continue to develop from this foundation.
  • Supporting Services: Wellspring Saigon is committed to provide the best service to ensure students’ health, safety and diet as long as they are in our care. The school offers a bus service for pick-ups and drop-offs, works with professional caterer to prepare nutritious meals, organizes a fully-equipped clinic and regular health check-ups, provides a counseling service and other supporting services when needed.
  • Fee Schedule and Scholarships: In addition to scholarships, Wellspring Saigon also offers another discount towards enrollment fees when applications are finished before deadlines. Moreover, thanks to our close connection with Wellspring Hanoi, students who transfer within Wellspring educational system will also receive transfer benefits such as discounts on enrollment fee or facilities fees.


Wellspring Saigon International Bilingual School

Address: 92 Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Phone: (+84 28) 3840 9292

Hotline: 0937 099 229

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