Career Fair 2019 – The Career Orientation Day for #WISers grade 9 to 12.

  Posted on: 14/02/2019

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“Understand the career choice that I am about to make”

“Become more certain about what I want to do in life”

“Loved the experience of coming to the dream companies to try perform the dream work”

These are the awesome food-for-thoughts that #WISers had after the meaningful Career Week. Career Fair is one of the events that has always attracted high attendance from #WISers grade 9 to 12. The event has helped students build their career paths, as well as transmitting beliefs, ideas and passions from people who go ahead.



The Fair allows #WISers to communicate with leaders from various professions such as Art/Design/Creativity, Business Administration, Engineer, Finance and Banking, Computer science, Health sciences, Hotels – Restaurants, Media and entertainment, Marketing/Advertising/PR/Event… Under the open space including booths and consulting desk, the day has been open, friendly and exalted.



The leaders and their consultants have met and exchanged directly with students on the requirement of each profession, discuss the current job demand, the skills needed to be successful as well as openly answered their questions.


Through the information provided, #WISers can make better decision in choosing the university that can help them in enhancing their skills, so that it is best suited, having the proper orientation in the future and come closer to their dreams.


In parallel with the exchange activities, meeting, direct exchanges with experts, the school also organizes many different special and exciting activities such as job shadowing, company visiting, weekend internship, that made the festival full of experiences and mounting.




Hopefully, after this Career Fair, our #WISers understand more about the personality and get a clearer view of their suitable career choices. From there, there is a thoughtful preparation, placing the solid base bricks right now so that tomorrow future is full of knowledge and the skills necessary to do the work that #WISers loves most, in accordance with  most personality.



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