‘Children who study bilingual curriculum in early ages will develop thinking ability’

  Posted on: 01/09/2016

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Nearly 500 questions from VNExpress’ readers were sent to two specialists of Wellspring Saigon International Bilingual School in the online consultation of “Benefits of Bilingual Education with American Standards…”

The specialists arrived and were ready for the consultation at the editorial office of VnExpress.

What do my child benefit from a bilingual curriculum?Which age is best for my child to start? (Mai Nguyen Tran, 34 years old, Saigon)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

Hello, on behalf of Wellspring Saigon Board of Education, I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all of VnExpress’ readers. I am very grateful that you are interested in the topic “Benefits of Bilingual Education with American Standards”. Our specialists will do our best to answer your questions and to provide as much useful information as possible.

Bilingual education has positive influence on children’s brains and helps them be smarter. That’s because enhancing two languages at the same time can help children achieve better results. The Vietnamese National Curriculum provides much more knowledge than the curricula of other countries, which sets up a strong foundation for children and gives them a lot of choices in upper grades.

Hello, currently my English is nearly nothing. So in order to learn English, how and when should I start? Thanks. (Pham Minh Thu, 15 years old, Ha Noi)

– Master of Harvard – David Do:

At your age, you can choose to learn in an all English environment. You should select teachers who have experience in teaching English for beginners to create a best connection between English and Vietnamese, for example, learning English through songs, plays or sport activities…

In my own experience, girls tend to be better in learning English through lectures while boys need more active models to develop English ability.

I studied English as my major before so my English was good enough to communicate with foreigners. However, for the past 3 years, I haven’t used English much due to my job’s characteristics. I only watch English TV Show to not forget it. Now, I want to learn by myself at home because I have basic foundation, what should I do? (Pham Minh Anh, 30 years old, Ha Noi)

– Master of Harvard – David Do:

If you wish to improve your a basic foundation of English, you need to focus on speaking skill and keep practicing with someone who is fluent in English. If there is no one nearby, you can use Skype or Viber to talk to someone far away.

To speak English properly, you also need to practice listening skillFor example, you can download English videos from Internet to learn by yourself.

Hope your English will get better soon.

Nowadays, the ability to speak the second language is becoming more and more popular and highly appreciated. Beside the benefits of bilingual study, are there any drawbacks? (Tran Ngoc Tram, 39 years old, Thu Duc, HCMC)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:


In my opinion, when teaching and studying bilingual programs, teachers usually focus on few subjects such as Math, Science and English. As for students, they also study Math, Science and English academically. The reason is the lack of time when you have to study twp curricula (English and Vietnamese).

Do students study at a lower grade if their English is not good enough? Or are they required to learn more English before joining the class? (Nguyen Quynh Mai, 34 years old, Tran Nao, District 2)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

Schools will arrange classes for students by their ages based on regulation of MOET. So students won’t have to learn in lower grades because of their unsatisfactory English. Faculty and staff will guide and help students who start enrolling in schools and have difficulties with English.

That means students can be arranged in suitable classes and then after a period of private tutoring (if necessary) they can join with other friends.

I have a 6 year-old kid who is going to study in 1st grade. I am hesitant to send my kid either to a public or a bilingual school I am afraid that studying with critical thinking method and Vietnamese National Curriculum at the same time can affect the child’s ability to learn. But I am also afraid that learning in public school is too much pressure for my child and our family. Please give my some advises about this matter. What do I have to prepare to send my child to international schools besides financial matter? (Thanh Tung, 38 years old, Kinh Duong Vuong, District 6)

– Master of Harvard – David Do:


If you want your child to learn two languages, you should do it as soon as possible because at early age, learning other languages happens quite naturally and that helps children understand two languages at the same time. This will allow them to have critical thinking ability and flexible language translation in many matters.

I think, in the future, every child needs at least two languages because nowadays, there are many chances to meet and communicate with foreigners as well as gather information from a lot of different sources in different languages.

At this age, the most important thing every child should have is not academic knowledge but the understanding about learning inan international environment and parents should be willing to accompany them to build skills such as independent thinking skill, problem solving…to become global citizens.

My kid is quite mischievous compared to kids at the same age. He is in public school now. Is the relaxing environment of a bilingual school suitable for my kid? (Thu Hoa, HCMC)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:


In our school, teachers wil have different educational methods to fit each student in each program. Some mischievous students in class will receive different methods. Not only home room teachers but other teachers and all of school members will also contribute to raise students in a scientific and convincing way.

We don’t insist on achievementstofrom children. The importance is that every one of them feels excited to go to school everyday. Schools always respect them. Therefore, students will put more effort to learn and to cooperate with teachers for the best results.

What is the capability of Vietnamese teacher? I have seen that in some bilingual schools, teachers are quite young and inexperienced since they have just graduated, so it is difficult for them to manage classes, which can affect study quality? (Thanh Nam, District 4)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

In my opinion, knowledge of Vietnamese teachers is good but they still have limited experience because of the traditional teaching method. Now, along with the innovation of educational method, teachers have improved a lot, especially in younger generations. Young teachers who have IT ability, language ability and striving effort have convinced us to believe in them. The problem is how to train and orient them properly, which is the responsibility of school management. In fact, many teachers, who just graduated a few years and are trained well in good educational environment, can develop significantly.

My child currently studies in a bilingual primary school with Cambridge curriculum. If we transfer to Wellspring Saigon with American curriculum, what difficulties does my child have to face? (Tran Huu Quy, 39 years old, 32-2thCXDT, District 3)

– Master of Harvard – David Do:

– Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

The quality of education program at schools is guaranteed by a systematic application of teaching methods based on professional background and modern pedagogy. These methods are student-centered,enable them to promote themselves to their potential, arouse passion for students to actively research and study effectively and help them connect knowledge with practical lessons in life.

To encourage students with high achievements, the school offers scholarships for talented students as well as other incentives programs.

Hello teacher, upon completion of  American standard bilingual program, which degree related to English will students receive. If so, in which situations is the degree validand which documents could be replaced by this degree if I wish to study abroad? (Huy Luong, 14, Hai Phong)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

Hello !

Since elementary school, along with assessments of MOET, Wellspring Saigon students also participate in MAP test. Accordingly, the evaluation scores of American program’s subjects will help teachers and students to self assess their qualifications. In addition, the assessments also benefit students when moving to other international schools or study abroad.

Students will also have access to  TOEFL test annually, depending on their grade levels

According to American standards, what books are used for English course ? I have seen some international schools that claims to have bilingual international programs, but the actual curriculum of teaching English is just like a curriculum in a language center. In addition, do parents have to pay extra for books? (Tran Dinh Huy, 34, district 4 – HCMC)

-Master Harvard – David Do:

Dear Dinh Huy !

The International Program at Wellspring Saigon is licensed by the state of Massachusetts according to advanced Common Core standards of the United States. The school curriculum is designed to use the Common Core standards and is recommended  by the Massachusetts Department of Education to develop a systematic and consistent training schedule like schools in the United States. Textbooks are published by reputable and experienced publishers . To ensure the legality and thoroughness of the teaching content ,curriculum is imported from abroad. For example, the science curriculum is from the Publisher of National Geographic, information technology is of Microsoft …

Cost of textbooks is not included in tuition.

When learningin a bilingual school, do students have the opportunity to enhance their skills oversea?Are all students or only excellent students allowed to go?  If so,what costs do the family pay ? (Mai Nguyen, 36, Saigon)

Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

Study models in bilingual schools are various. Beside school hours, students can also visit and learn in famous places in Vietnam and in other countries to gain more useful knowledge and skills besides textbooks.

At the moment, our school has strong connection with many schools in America, Singapore…, educational organizations which have extra curricular activities like EF.

How can I choose a bilingual schools to help my chilld gain knowledge of Vienamese Curriculum, international curriculum and study abroad later? (Bao Ngoc, 38 years old, Long An)

Master of Harvard – David Do:

There are more and more bilingual schools nowadays and choosing a good one is not easy. There are many factors you need to consider before making a decision, however,the 3 conditions below are prerequisites in every bilingual school which allows students to easily transit their study abroad later:

– Educational curriculum meets standards and provides enough challenges, especially for basic subjects related to Math, in order to motivate students in study and in exploring deeper in these subjects and able to achieve high results in international tests.

Teachers, especially language teachers, are regconized with certificates about their experience and teaching methods, and English skills to develop language skills in students in a proper way in and outside of school.

Graduating standards with diplomas which are recognized all over the world, especially when school’s partners are famous and qualified educational organizations.

Dear Dr., I have a little nephew whose mother takes him to extra classes and on top of that, English classes at an  international English school . Personally, he seems very tired of back-to-back schedule to me. Does the American standard bilingual education combine language learning in the curriculum ? Can the program help children keep up with basic knowledge and increase their ability to communicate in foreign languages? Thankyou, experts. (Dang Van Thong, 27, 345/48 Au, Phu Trung, Tan Phu, HCM)

– Emeritus Teacher, PhD Nguyen Bac Dung:

Knowledge is infinite, but time is limited. Thus, learning technique is more important than what we learn. Sending children to classes all day long, like you have described, incidentially takes their childhood away, and  the effort that students and parents have put in becomes fruitless.The point is to acquire and apply the knowledge that students have learned. If there is not enough time, students can not acquire and practice their earned knowledege. Therefore, schools and teachers must help students learnin appropriate ways to get the best results. Also, parents need to choose an appropriate learning model so that children will not be overloaded with study and will have more time to play, relax and stimulate their intelligence development.

American standards bilingual curriculum helps students integrate many subjects in acomfortable and effective way. Moreover, extra activities which enhance life skills, develop creativity, logical thinking,and emotions will provide students a perfect development physically and mentally. Our school has qualified and modern facilities which ensure every student’s activities. This is the real benefit of American standards bilingual curriculum.

Due to limited time, for questions which are not yet answered in the online consultation, pleasecontact us at:Wellspring Saigon International Bilingual School, 92 Nguyen Huu Canh St, Binh Thanh Dist, HCM. Hotline: 0937 099 229. Website: www. wellspringsaigon.edu.vn




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