Posted on: 06/12/2019

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School bullying has become a painful problem in schools today, causing adverse effects on students’ mental and physical well-being. In the past, bullying often took place in the form of physical & verbal and now it exists in the form of relationships and social media.

Bullying at school is not the problem of any individual or group but also a serious problem for all students, families and society. Bullying takes place in many forms, such as: physical bullying, verbal bullying, social & relationship bullying and the aforementioned forms of bullying are generally defined as violent, insulting acts that drown others in causing mental and physical injury that occur in the educational environment.

The situation of Bullying

In the world and the region:

According to statistics, 1 out of every 3 students is bullied and most bullying behaviors occur in the 10-15 year age group.  In the article about school bullying by the National institute of occupational and environmental health, in 2009, in the United States, there was 12.4% of students fighting, of which 5.9% of students were carrying illegal weapons. In Australia, School violence in these countries has also increased dramatically.  In 2008 and 2009, there were 55,000 pupils, of which nearly half were girls suspended from school due to violence.

 In Viet Nam

In the seminar on measures to improve the effectiveness of ethical education, lifestyle, crime prevention and school bullying organized by the Ministry of Education and Training on November 25th , 2009 in Hanoi, statistics from 38  Department of Education and Training sent back from 2003 to 2009 with more than 8,000 cases of students participating in fights and being disciplined.

The aforementioned figures generalize the picture of bullying at school around the world in general.  According to psychologists, bullying is rooted in psychological characteristics, to express themselves Many children experience violent behavior due to behavioral and emotional disorders at this age.  Moreover, due to the lack of holistic development, personality, behavior and immaturity in life skills, deviations in life attitudes lead to false attitudes in cognition and behavior.



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