Reading Week

  Posted on: 17/10/2017

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Before the new era of audiovisual media, books are the greatest mean to access information, culture, comprehension and help people to relax, accumulate knowledge and enhance thinking. But reading culture and habit is at risk by the overwhelming and attractive audiovisual media. So where is the future for book and reading culture in this information explosion era?

The Internet has a rich volume of information with very fast updates along with both pictures and sounds. However, are they all true and useful? The online news may have its strengths when it comes to bringing news coverage down to almost everywhere with the internet connection. But what about the scientific knowledge, history, poetry, etc., which need to be carefully read, interpret and learn each and every sentence conveyed by the author? Meaningful words will last forever, not images or sounds.

Wellspring Saigon has always promoted the reading culture from the very beginning of the school establishment. This is the fourth year the school organizes the Reading Week, an annual event that aims to improve reading skills, respect the value of books and nurture the reading habits. This year, Reading week will take place from October 23rd to October 27th, 2017 with the theme “Books open up a new horizons” including a series of activities such as Book Fair, Book Reviews, Book Swap, Character Day, Story Telling, etc…

The school believes that this special week will continue to enhance a daily reading habit of students. This is one of the keys for students to open the door of knowledge and confidence in a challenging modern life.



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