Posted on: 04/11/2019

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The spooky atmosphere along with unique creative costumes as well as the journey to discover “Mysterious Kingdom” and interesting games had challenged the bravery of #Wisers created colorful Halloween season. This festival lasted from October 21st to October 31st and brought unforgettable emotions and precious memories for #Wisers.

Halloween (abbreviation of All Hallow Evenings) festival originated from “Celtic Festival of Samhain” of Celts citizens, who lived about 2,000 years ago in this part of the territory of England and Northern France. On the night of October 31st, the “Celtic Festival of Samhain” was held by the Celts to commemorate and honor Saint Samhain, the ruler of the spirits of the dead. They believed that St. Samhain had allowed souls to return to earth in order to visit their families and celebrate Tet holiday on the night of October 21st. Gradually, Halloween was not only a special occasion for any nation or region but also became a festival, which held and celebrated everywhere over the world.

By immersing in Halloween’s atmosphere, Wellspring kicked-off a lot number of meaningful and humorous activities for #Wisers in order to welcome this festival. Furthermore, Halloween festival was the most anticipated annual recreational activity for students each school year along with study program.

Last year, the “Scary land” warmly welcomed the participation of Valak for Halloween party and this year, #Wisers met up Maleficent in the spooky kingdom called “Scary Kingdom”. Wellspring’s students and all staff conquered the mysterious maze of sultanate respectively from October 21st to October 31st in school’s break time. Coming to “Scary Kingdom”, the brave #Wisers immersed in haunted space and discovered the mysterious secrets in the room.

In primary, #Wisers disguised meticulously as mystery characters and had a spectacular Halloween’s fashion show. The well-known part of Halloween 2019 was “Trick or Treat “ game , in which these students lined up over lobby of classrooms in order to sound the magical words “Trick or treat, would you go out and trick or treat” as well as receive sweet  candies from other students, teachers and school’s staffs. Furthermore, the festival had countless food and game stalls, which decorated by spooky themes. Lemonade, milktea, ice-cream departments filled students ‘ s bellies as well as quench their thirsty by mouth – watering bakeries.

In Secondary, Halloween ‘s atmosphere in the ghost land was equally bustling. By disguising as well-known devil characters over the world, #Wisers secondary competed in Hallowiser game included 2 rounds: Running and Wisdom. Each classroom became a spooky play station, brang unique challenges for #WISers secondary. The classes had dispatched the most agile #WISers to take part in rival and creative challenges from their classmates. These missions were not difficult but required ingenuity, quick hands and sharp eyes as well as especially the smooth coordination between individual in the team. The Zombie Dance performance ended Halloween and congratulations to the winners at the Hallowiser race game.

By doing this, Halloween party served “banquet table” with many colorful activities and brang special guests to a lot number of emotions from fear to fun. Let’s say goodbye to Halloween 2019 and look forward to more fascinating activities for next Halloween season!



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