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  Posted on: 04/04/2017

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Wellspring International Bilingual School Saigon has just successfully organized its 2017 Public Speaking Contest which also served as preparation step for The World Scholar’s Cup 2017.

The contest held on March 20th and March 21st owes its success to the exuberant participation of Wellspring Saigon’s students from Grade 4 to grade 11 as well as the enthusiastic support of the Wellspring International Program’s academic team.


Mr. Peter Malouin, one of our judges, is giving the useful advice for students before heading to the contest

Students registered for the event in droves, and the total number of participants was beyond expectations. Contestants were grouped in teams of three with each team member having a chance to present to and debate the opposing team. Obviously, effective collaboration was the key to the researching, planning, and presenting of their points and rebuttals. Every team had their analytical, teamwork, and presentation skills as well as determination tested through three rounds of vigorous debate, and every round presented the students with a challenging motion from a variety of fields such as Science, Technology, Literature, Ethics, and Economics. The format and rules of the contest were the same as those of debate session of The World Scholar’s Cup.

Các đội đang tìm kiếm thông tin và thảo luận nhóm trước khi bước vào phần thi tranh luận

The teams are searching for the information on the Internet before coming into the debate

One of the unique aspects of competitions such as Wellspring’s speaking contest is that students not only learn how to be competitive but also experience the importance of fair play and respect for opposing points of view. Furthermore, as an integral part of each round of competition, contestants learn how to become better debaters through honest and constructive advice received from their fellow competitors.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to develop and/or polish their public speaking, debating, and teamwork skills, and all of this helps to boost their self-confidence and self-esteem as students and as individuals,” Mr. Thomas, our college & career counselor, wholeheartedly stated about his experience with and impression of the contest and contestants.

A student who performed well throughout the contest, Danny from Class 8.2, expressed, “I now realize that I need to improve my research and speaking skills as well as my grammar even more in order to achieve superior and winning results.”


The best contestants are trying their best to become the champion

After this team competition qualifier, the best contestant from each team was gathered in teams again to head to the qualifying round held on March 30th. Finally, it was honored to find out students shined again and made it to the regional championships of The World Scholar’s Cup 2017. Congratulations on what they have done and strongly hope that they could become a legend of their life.

More photos of the event:

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