Posted on: 21/11/2019

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With drinking in the humorous atmosphere of ministry of education and training as well as happy Teachers’ Day 37th anniversary (20/11/1982 – 20/11/2019). Wellspring organized a large number of meaningful activities to celebrate this special holiday.

Teaching profession as well as teachers always receive special attention, respect and honor from society for a long time. In 1957, the International Union of educational association (French :Fédération Internationale Syndicale des Enseignants – FISE)  decided to make 20th November as  the Teachers’ Day .  In our country, the tradition of “respecting teachers” is even more important because it is created from the culture called “human religion”, which has created a continuous stream of fostering and nurturing Vietnamese souls even difficulties .  Therefore, on 28th September , 1982, the Council of Ministers (now the Government) issued circular No. 167-HDBT, the association chose 20th November as  the “Vietnamese Teachers’ Day”. Every year, 20th November had really become a traditional festival of the entire people and is celebrated solemnly in all localities throughout the country, in honor of the teachers and education.

On the side of the school, the Vietnamese and foreign program teachers of the primary, secondary and the school’s staff members competed at the sports festival with the following subjects: male’s soccer , female’s soccer, tug of war.  The sport festival is not only an opportunity to build up endurance , get out of depression on teaching for teachers but also an activity to get close- knit between teachers and staff in the school.

On the student’s side, especially with the guidance of the Student Council, #Wisers organized meaningful and warm activities for teachers and staff at the school.  Opening a series of Gratitude activities “Free hugs”, students knocked on the door of each department, gave teachers cute little gift , eye-catching bouquets and warm hugs  as thanks from the bottom of their heart to their devoted teachers .  Besides, the Secret box activity had been positively responded by #Wisers.  At the corner of gratitude, every #Wisers wrote their wishes, sent their love to the note, then these meaningful wishes were wrapped in small gift boxes and delivered to each teacher.

The month of gratitude at Wellspring closes with a solemn ceremony to welcome Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on the afternoon of 19th November.  At the ceremony, representatives of head of academic board, parent association, the Student Council representing more than 1300 #Wisers and send greetings and gratitude to all teachers and staff working at the school.  Especially with the “Khi toc thay bac trang “performance left many emotions and left an unforgettable impression in the audience.

Although the journey of “ferrying” and “nurturing” the seeds of soul and knowledge is still difficult and challenging, but with the love of students and attachment to the teaching career, Wellspring teachers and students  will make more efforts to achieve more teaching and learning achievements.



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