“Wellspring United 2017 – Autumn Festival”

  Posted on: 22/09/2017

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Every last Friday of September is the founding anniversaries of the Wellspring International Bilingual School education system and the Wellspring Saigon International Bilingual School. This is not just a chance to mark another year of growth but also an opportunity to enhance the solidarity of the Wellspring community.

The Fourth Wellspring Day is very special when it coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Hence, the theme of this year’s Wellspring Day is about love and connection “Wellspring United 2017 – Autumn Festival”.

The festival will be held from 12:50 to 16:30 on Friday, September 29, 2017. The First, Second and Third place winners of the 5’ With Dance contest will show off their exciting and engaging performances. In addition, the combination of continuous outdoor games and creative traditional art activities will bring a joyful and warmth event. Moreover, the unique Mai Hoa Thung – Tu Quy Hung Long lion dance will be the key entertainment, a rare opportunity to relish and admire. The beautiful movements of these marvelous lions will certainly impress the entire school, especially, when picturing them courageously crossing mountains, bypassing the dangers in order to bring back good luck and fortune for their master. Thereby, it sends a valuable message of endless efforts and enormous accomplishments.

The school hopes this will be an occasion for students to compete, to showcase the talents and also to work together as a team, not only within a class but also the Wellspring Saigon family. Hence, this traditional school day and Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 will be filled with joy and meaningful memories.



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