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In terms of the Vietnamese educational environment nowadays, parents are concerned about the problems of violence and school bully. How does Wellspring Saigon deal with these problems?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the program which helps students develop skills of self-awareness and social awareness to control emotions, as well as maintain healthy connections in the community while making responsible decisions that affect themselves and other people. At schools applying SEL, those problems have decreased noticeably. In addition, students are trained to apply those skills to establish positive relationships. According to a research, SEL helps positive studying results increase by 15% and the rate of violence decrease by 70%.

Besides the main curriculum, will students be given chances to take part in other extra-curricular programs?

Extra-curricular programs play an important part in the educational curriculum. In addition to providing students with practical and essential knowledge, those programs develop students’ social and emotional skills. Activities are based on Necessary Skills for the 21st Century and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Further information about extra-curriculum programs will be announced on the school bulletin board at the beginning of the school year.

If students have to transfer to public schools half-way through their studies, will they be able to follow the curriculum there?

Wellspring Saigon curriculum is based on the standard MOET framework, so students will not experience any difficulties in transferring to any other schools for the gifted or public schools administered by MOET. This is the difference between the educational program at Wellspring Saigon and other international schools.

Many students of international schools are not able to take part in the Vietnamese university entrance examination but only study abroad. How about Wellspring Saigon’s students?

WSSG bilingual curriculum is designed to equip students not only with essential skills for international standardized tests such as SAT & TOEFL but also enough knowledge for Vietnamese high school graduation and university entrance exams.

Will Elementary and Secondary students be overloaded if they have to follow the National Curriculum and the International Curriculum simultaneously?

When a bilingual curriculum is simply designed by combining two different programs, it will easily overload both students and teachers.

Wellspring Saigon’s bilingual curriculum is a combination between the national curriculum overseen by MOET and that overseen by Massachusetts Department of Education. Apart from English and Vietnamese, Math and Science are incorporated consistently. Since high school curricula around the world are basically similar to each other, the integration has to avoid overlap. The Vietnamese program focuses substantially on theory, while the US program concentrates on practice to support other subjects taught in English.

In high school, WSSG bilingual program will allow students to earn Vietnamese High school diploma and to participate in SAT and TOEFL prep-courses.

What are the differences between the curriculum governed by MOET taught at Wellspring Saigon and other schools?

  • WSSG teaching methods combine both theory and hands-on practice.
  • WSSG unique education philosophy, Education orientation & Program training objectives
  • Accredited Massachusetts Program and US High school Diploma
  • Teachers: a combination of certified foreign and national teachers
  • Facilities
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) to boost positive interaction between students

My child is only at the elementary level of English. Will he be able to catch up with other students at Wellspring Saigon?

There is an Immersion Program for students to meet the English standards of the bilingual curriculum. Students who lack language skills will attend ESL classes of language proficiency until they satisfy the requirements, and then they will be transferred to the bilingual classes. In reality, these classes have effectively raised passion to study in students, which seemed impossible at first to the parents and

How is Wellspring Saigon’s English Program designed?

The bilingual curriculum is designed to help students use Vietnamese and English effectively in an educational environment, especially academic English which is necessary for oversea students to immerse themselves in the English language and live in an all English environment.

The English curriculum of Wellspring Saigon is based on curriculum provided by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The program is taught by experienced and certified native speakers.

What are the foundations of the Wellspring Saigon curriculum? What will students benefit from the school’s curriculum?

Wellspring Saigon curriculum has been integrated to incorporate the major strengths of two educational frameworks: National Curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) and the US Common Core Curriculum by Massachusetts Department of Education .

Students still follow the national educational curriculum to gain basic knowledge and necessary skills like other public school students. The educational framework from Massachusetts allows young students to get access to the international educational program, which provides them with academic English knowledge so that students can immerse themselves in an all-English-environment. Subject to students’ performance in Standardized Tests, subjects from International Program will be credited towards US High School Diplomas. Besides, Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be accepted by many US and Canadian universities.

A number of international schools have sprung up recently in Ho Chi Minh City. What is unique about Wellspring Saigon?

  • In Ho Chi Minh City, Wellspring Saigon is an unique international bilingual school that has received permission from Massachusetts Department of Education to use their curriculum.
  • Wellspring Saigon is also the first bilingual international school to adopt the international curriculum allowing students to get credits for US High School diplomas.
  • Wellspring educational system has been and is still growing in big cities to make easy transfer for parents and students.
  • A clear and secured educational pathway from elementary to high school guides students in building their study goals from the first day.
  • Social Emotional Learning is integrated into the educational program.
  • Positive and engaging teaching methods are suitable with the school’s teaching-learning targets.
  • Besides prime location which is convenient for transporting students, Wellspring Saigon is proud to be an educational-purposely built campus. School facilities are up to international standards which maximize the effects of teaching activities.


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